Passion for

Our passion is to create and further innovative technological solutions to make the world more safe, open and integrated. With the help of cutting-edge technologies, we assist our clients in improving their business all over the world.

We care most about security and reliability. We test all our products meticulously and improve them time over time, adapting them to the changing market environment. Our dream is to create the perfect technological ecosystem for honest business. Be it Finances, Insurance, IT or Retail - blockchain technology will make our world transparent and fast, maintaining a high-security level of personal data.

Our lifes are innovations

We develop complex IT solutions, provide specialized advice and create our own blockchain-based products.

Our solutions makes our clients’ IT-infrastructure more persistable and secure. Clarus' products are integrated by state institutions, financial agents, insurance enterprises and IT-companies.

Our partners are comprised of both international giants and local businesses.

Andrei Zimine
Owner and Commercial Director

Is an expert on blockchain technology and decentralized cryptographic data transfer networks. Andrei has over eight years of experience in running businesses and over 18 years of experience in IT. He provides consultancy on the cryptocurrency market for major Russian and international financial institutions and is a consulting expert on Ethereum dApps.

Alex Sitnikov

Has over 9 years of managing experience in major IT companies. Before joining Clarus, he was running the development of trading terminals for major Russian exchange systems. He has also worked as a system architect for IBM.

Alex Rebyakov
Lead Core Developer

Is a specialist in stock exchange software development. Before joining Clarus, Alex worked as the Head of IT systems development for the Bank of Russia. He also developed IT systems for RAO Energy Systems of Russia and led other projects for major Russian commercial and state clients. In the beginning of his career, he worked in a research institution for the Defense Industry.

Evgeny Tchudinovskih
Lead Developer of trading terminals

Develops trading terminals for the stock exchange and financial products. Before joining ‘Clarus’, Evgeny participated as a lead developer in various banking products of Agroprombank. He also worked as the Director of the IT Department in the NPO ‘Expert Chamber’.

Konstantin Afanasiev
Head of UX/UI

Manages the UX/UI-design for financial and blockchain-based products. Konstantin invested over 5 years of experience in the development of interfaces for bank and financial products. He has been working as a designer since 1998.

Dzmitry Ivanouski
Head of Project Development