Product Development

We are not preparing for the future. We are creating it.

We develop blockchain-based software products and decentralized systems. Each task is a new step towards a technological world.

Blockchain for Financial Organizations

We believe that blockchain technology will change the traditional financial world.

  • Blockchain-based products for financial institutions;
  • Decentralized solutions for the storage of financial data;
  • Protected financial data transfer;
  • Maintenance of bank secrecy during data transfer and operations.
Blockchain for Communications And Workflow

A decentralized system is the base on which we build solutions for protected workflow and encrypted communication on.

  • Products on popular blockchain platforms like Ethereum and Bitcoin;
  • Products on our own blockchain ecosystem;
  • Data storing systems with adaptable access rules for different groups of users;
  • Verification of documents in the blockchain;
  • Protection of the communication against third-party reading;
  • Protection against message interception;
  • Protection against server hacking.
Blockchain for Security

The blockchain is one of the best data protection solutions that exists in the modern world.

  • Interaction between Internet of Things devices;
  • Transactions for financial organizations;
  • Data storing;
  • Validation and storing in distributed registers of certificates and signatures, ledgers of important and accountable documents, forms, etc.
Products for Mining Centers

We have been working in the sphere of mining since its start.

  • Cluster management of a mining data center;
  • Pools and proxy development and set up;
  • Software development for monitoring and management of the mining process;
  • Mining data-centers development on turnkey basis.
Stock Trading Instruments

We have over ten years of experience in development of stock and financial systems.

  • Development and audit of stock trading systems;
  • Development and audit of data aggregation systems;
  • Development and audit of systems of technical analysis and indexes;
  • Development of listing servers.
Development of Stock Exchange Terminals

A well-drafted terminal is one of the key factors for a commercially successful stock exchange.

  • Cross-platform trading terminals (Desktop: Linux, MacOS, Windows; Mobile: iOS, Android);
  • Support of all stock exchange functions;
  • Analytical instruments;
  • Support of different types of orders, online listing, interactive graphics and tech indicators, trading signals and copies of transactions.
Stock Exchange Software

We impose high data processing requirements for security, speed and quality.

  • Broker systems for automotive trading on stock, currency and cryptocurrency markets;
  • Software for analysis and speedy operation performance on the market during short-period and high-frequency trading;
  • Software for all types of trading: capital management, trend, counter-trend and combined trading, scalping;
  • Systems for interbourse arbitrage.