Commit the your code audit to a company with history.

Be it software dev for mining business on ASIC and GPU, or financial technologies of stock exchange software, the Clarus team finds the best solution for your business. We have been working on this market for over 10 years. Our team offers a wide variety of products and services - from single consultations to complex solutions on turnkey basis.

Consultancy on Software Dev and Security

The goal of our specialists is to find all vulnerabilities of your systems and to build up effective mechanisms of protection.

  • Audit of the existing architecture;
  • Code audit;
  • Consulting on the architecture optimization;
  • Consulting on the implementation of new solutions;
  • Consulting on system integration.
Consultancy on Blockchain Technologies

We have been working with the Blockchain since it's emergence.

  • Consulting on development and implementation of blockchain systems;
  • Audit of Ethereum smart contracts;
  • Audit of code security and threat modelling;
  • Testing of peer to peer networks.
Consultancy on Financial Technologies

Financial companies are traditionally ahead of innovations. We are outpacing them.

  • Financial risk management and simulation;
  • Security audit;
  • Audit and optimization of financial applications' architecture;
  • Research and financial modelling;
  • Financial processing.
Consultancy on Hardware

We find, setup and consult on hardware for mining and traditional data centers.

  • Consultancy on market launch and investment prospects of blockchain-based projects;
  • Consultancy of software development for mining data centers;
  • Research on the cryptocurrency market and digital assets;
  • Research and analytics for blockchain-based projects.